RAETECH Single Inlet Restrictors

GTL Restrictor Series: 22.5 - 30mm Dia.

Designed for SCCA GTL, IT & DP Classes

3" Hose Inlet for In-Line Installation

Hose Inlet

Bellmouth Inlet for Free Air Entrance

Bell Inlet

Both Styles come with a 3" Hose Outlet

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GTH Restrictor Series: 30 - 43mm Dia.

Designed for SCCA GT2, GT3 & BP Classes

Inlet Options: 4, 5, 6" Hose & Panel Mount

Inlet Options

Outlet Options: 3, 4, 5, 6" Hose & Panel Mount

Outlet Options

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RAETECH's inlet restrictor system is modular, allowing simple changes in restrictor diameter without changing the design of your induction system. RAETECH offers an inlet fitting for hose ducted systems as well as a bell mouth for free air induction. All of our restrictors are manufactured with electrochemically Hard Coated aluminum providing a smooth abrasion resistant surface for maximum flow and long life.

Maximum flow... Optimum performance... Modular design... The winning combination!