Miniature Programmable Strain Gage Amplifier Pricing

 Component     Description     Part Number      Price  
S.G. Amp w/o Housing   No Housing
100 Hz
  1169-01-50-100-H   $345.00
  No Housing
Custom Filter
  1169-01-50-100-*   $395.00
S.G. Amp Inline Housing   Inline Housing
100 Hz
  1169-01-50-200-H   $445.00
  Inline Housing
Custom Filter
  1169-01-50-200-*   $495.00
S.G. Amp Tubular Housing   Tubular Housing
100 Hz
  1169-01-50-500-H   $495.00
  Tubular Housing
Custom Filter
  1169-01-50-500-*   $545.00
S.G. Screw Terminal Housing   Screw Terminal Housing
100 Hz
  1169-01-50-600-H   $445.00
  Screw Terminal Housing
Custom Filter
  1169-01-50-600-*   $495.00
 Optional Parts     Description     Part Number      Price  
USB Programmer   Programming
  1169-01-50-300   $445.00
* Letter Suffix denotes Low Pass Filter Frequency,
see SG Amp Specifications for full list of Part Numbers.

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