Simulated Stone Impact Testing

New automotive applications for plastic and composite materials are being introduced which can expose critical components to road hazards and flying debris. Stone impact tests are designed to evaluated the performance of finished components to these hazards.

Gravity driven 'Drop Tests' are not capable of providing projectile energies to the levels that can be encountered from road hazards. A powered projectile launcher is required.

RAETECH's Simulated Stone Impact Tester is designed to provided projectile energies ramping up to 50 joules. Launch energies are computer controlled. Impacts can be accurately and repeatedly targeted. Evaluations can be made of materials, material conditions, and part geometries. The test chamber has a T-slot system for fixturing parts.

High Speed Video of Simulated Stone Impact High Speed Video Sequence of Simulated Stone Impact Event


  • Projectile Energy: up to 50 Joules, Velocity: 150 km/hr
  • Custom Projectile Shapes Available
  • Test Chamber Size: 30" (0.76m) wide, 32" (0.81m) deep, 32" (0.81m) tall
  • High Speed Video Capture of Impact Events


  • Oil Sump Impact Testing (OSIT)
  • Front Engine Covers
  • Radiator Air Shutter Impact Testing


Projectile Energy Examples

- Steel Ball

Graph of Steel Projectile Energy

- Aluminum Ball - (Aluminum has a similar density to Granite)

Graph of Aluminum Projectile Energy



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