RAETECH offers a comprehensive list of services pertaining to product development.  RAETECH can manage an entire development program or it can tailor its services to meet your current development needs.

Raetech Intake Manifold

List of Services:


Product Concept Consultation

The first step of every product development program is recognizing the need for a new product and defining its requirements.   RAETECH's experience in design is often called upon when people are first developing a product concept.  RAETECH offers insight on many elements of product development including defining requirements, resource allocation, scheduling, design methodology, and potential manufacturing methods.  


Product Design and Analysis

Intensely iterative by nature, product design consists of synthesizing and analyzing potential product concepts.  Complex systems are efficiently packaged and visualized using three-dimensional computer-aided-design (CAD) software.  Concepts are evaluated and refined using analysis software capable of simulating structural performance under static and dynamic conditions. By utilizing the best software tools and drawing from our extensive design experience, RAETECH consistently emerges with excellent product designs.

FEA Stress Plot

RAETECH applies appropriate analysis to a project in order to gain insight to the function of a part in service and optimize designs.  Proper use on simulation tools can shorten the development cycle and improve the ultimate results.

RAETECH has developed technology partnerships with industry leading software companies to bring their expertise to the automotive arena. The following links provide more information about our partners.


Product Prototyping

RAETECH is capable of manufacturing prototype parts in limited numbers. There is a complete machine shop and and fabrication facility in house. Parts requiring more complex machining and rapid prototyping processes are sent to companies that we work closely with on a regular basis. All this ensures a quick and accurate production of prototype parts.

Dry Sump Oil Pan

Prototype Dry-Sump Racing Oil Pan

The oil pan pictured on the right, developed for a Chrysler motorsports program, showcases many of RAETECH's prototyping capabilities:

  • CAD Data Translations for Manufacturing
  • Custom Fabrication of Components
  • Final Assembly

Processes used for the production of the oil pan:

  • Soligen's Lost Core Casting Process
  • CNC Machining and Heat Treatments
  • Laser and Water Jet Cutting

RAETECH was tasked by its customer to manage the prototype manufacturing of the oil pan. The part went from CAD concept to completion in 4 weeks.


Product Testing

Quite frequently RAETECH is asked to develop testing systems for products we design.  One of the best examples of this is the simulated backfire test.  Initially developed for the first manufacturers of plastic automotive intake manifolds,  it has become the standard test in industry for evaluating plastic manifold integrity under backfire conditions. Not only do physical tests prove a design's worthiness under real-world conditions, they offer correlation data for prior and future computer analyses. The types of tests performed are often dictated by the anticipated duties of the product being evaluated.

RAETECH provides complete testing services for a wide range of automotive applications. Listed are some of the testing services that RAETECH offers:


Summary of Services

As exhibited above, RAETECH possesses the tools and expertise to successfully accomplish all phases of product development. RAETECH will tailor its involvement in a program based on customer need. RAETECH can managed entire programs or play a support role to any phase of product development. Contact RAETECH and explorer further how we can help you meet your product development goals.