RAETECH Testing Services


Oil Sump Imapct Test Cell

Stone Impact Testing

RAETECH's Stone Impact Testing can quantify performance of mission critical automotive plastic components when exposed to road hazards. Typical applications are oil sumps, transmission pans, and cooling system components.


Overpressurization Fixture

Manifold Overpressurization Testing

RAETECH has created a test to simulate backfire events in an intake manifold. As the industry has moved from metals to plastics for intake manifolds, burst pressure has become an important issue. Certain circumstances arise which could potentially create a high-pressure impulse inside the manifold. RAETECH's test procedure evaluates the Dynamic Burst pressure capabilities of an intake system.


Axle Housing Test

Structural Testing

RAETECH uses structural testing to refine and validate computer models. Once confidence in the virtual prototype is established design modifications can be explored in software reducing the number of physical prototypes that need to be fabricated and tested. This process improves the quality of component designs while shortening the development cycle.