RAETECH Load Sensing Products


RAETECH's entire line of load cells will help the race engineer quantify setup changes, gain insight into chassis performance and validate simulation results. All of our parts are supplied with microprocessor controlled amplifiers with 0 to 5 volt output and are calibrated to perform in the temperature extremes found in the racing environment. A programming interface which provides user selectable load ranges is available for all of our load cells.


BumpStop Load Cell

Bump-Stop Load Cell

RAETECH's Bump-Stop Load Cells are engineered to precisely measure bump stop loads at the shock absorber. Two load ranges are available; 0 - 1500 lbf and 0 - 5000 lbf. A selection of End Caps and Clamp adapters are offered to adapt the Bump-Stop Load Cell to your application.


Coilover Spring Load Cell

Coilover Spring Load Cell

RAETECH's Coilover Spring Load Cell introduces our force measurement tools to the sports car and prototype categories. The Spring Load Cell works with 36mm, 50mm, 60mm, 2", 2.25" and 2.5" springs and is rated for loads up to 5,000 lbf.


Spring Mount Load Cell

Circle Track Spring Mount Load Cell

RAETECH's Spring Mount Load Cell allows front and rear spring forces to be measured on the track or at the test rig. It is a direct replacement for NASCAR® Cup, Nationwide or Truck Spring Mounts. Use the Spring Mounts to quantify the results of setup changes and identify spring coil binding.


Swaybar Link Load Cell

Sway Bar Link / Universal Load Cell

RAETECH's compact Sway Bar Link Load Cell measures swaybar forces at the droplink. Links are available with 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2" threaded inserts and are only 1.60" long. Load ranges up to ±2,500 lbf are available. This load cell is also suitable for push rod and tie rod applications.


Steering Torque Sensor

Steering Torque Sensor

RAETECH's Steering Torque Sensor can be installed without any disassembly of the steering column. The torque sensor clamps directly on a 3/4" (19mm), 20mm, 25mm or 1" steering shaft and is precalibrated for a Woodward Steering column.


Tie Rod Load Cell

TieRod Load Cell

RAETECH's Tie Rod load cells will directly measure steering linkage loads and indirectly report front tire grip. Tie Rods are available in two lengths 7 3/4" or 8 3/4" long and are calibrated for loads up to ±2,500 lbf.


Panhard Link Load Cell

Panhard Load Cell

Since the Panhard Bar reacts nearly all to the rear axle lateral grip RAETECH's Panhard Load Cell can provide great insight into vehicle grip and balance. The standard Panhard Load Cell calibration is ±4800 lbf, the range can be offset for left turns on request.


Load Cell Range Selector

Range Selector Option

The Range Selector option allows RAETECH's Load Cell's force range to be customized by the user for their current application. The USB Programmer interface allows the load cell to be reconfigured using a Windows® based computer.