Viper GTS-R Fuel System

GTS-R Fuel Module Design Goals

  • Reserve Capacity for 1 Lap of LeMans
  • Self contained module for Serviceability
  • Low Fuel warning when Main Tank Empty
  • Dual High Pressure Pumps to Supply required Volume
  • Production Viper Pump Inlet Filter
  • Reserve Tank Filled during Refueling with Pumps Off
  • Greatly Enhanced Fuel Pump Reliability

RAETECH's Viper GTS-R Fuel Reserve Module competed successfully beginning in 2000 winning the Daytona 24 hrs overall, 10 races in the American LeMans Series and the LeMans 24 hrs. The system continues to be used winning major races and championships throughout the Viper GTS-R's competitive life.


Viper GTS-R Fuel Reserve Module

Fuel Reserve Module

  • Drops into Fuel Cell
  • Minimum number External Connections
  • Two Low Pressure Pumps
  • Two High Pressure Pumps
  • Low Fuel Level Sensor
  • Reserve Capacity for One Full Lap

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