Spring Mount Load Cell

Load Sensing Spring Platform
  • Use for: Pull Down Tests
    K & C Testing, and on the
    Race Track
  • Quantify Results of Setup Changes
  • Validate Simulation Results
  • Direct Replacement for NASCAR® Spring Mount

* Load Cell for 3" Rear Springs is Coming Soon

RAETECH Spring Mount Load Cells accurately, safely, and consistently measure loads up to 9,000 lbs at the top of the spring under all conditions.

RAETECH's extensive FEA work and the use of a high strength 7075 T651 aluminum alloy results in a design strong enough for the right front and sensitive enough for the left rear. Spring Mounts are robust enough to accept loads to 12,000 lbs.

The RAETECH design is insensitive to spring diameter changes and off-center loading, which can plague other designs. The 3.75" diameter front and 3.375" diameter rear spring guide sections allow the use of normal spring centering sleeves if desired.

Spring Mount Load Cells are available in models appropriately scaled for front or rear spring load measurement. All RAETECH load cells are temperature compensated for operation in the racing environment and available wired for direct strain gage bridge connection or with amplified 0-5V outputs (8-16V allowable power). Custom output ranges are available on request.

RAETECH Center of Pressure Sensing Spring Mount Load Cell:

RAETECH's exclusive Center of Pressure option splits the spring load output into 4 quadrants, effectively measuring jack screw bending and spring center of pressure offset. It is based on the same proven hardware as the normal RAETECH Spring Mount Load Cell, but incorporates additional electronics. This allows spring bucket angle optimization without the complexity of instrumenting the spring bucket. Total force and force eccentricity is calculated with supplied equations using data acquisition math channels.

4 into 1 Signal Conditioner Box

An optional 4 into 1 Signal Conditioner is available to allow the Center of Pressure Spring Mount to function as a single channel Load Cell. This allows the data acquisition system channel count to be reduced during tests where eccentric load data is not required.


Spring Mount Load Cell
Calibrated Range Front 9,000 lbs
Calibrated Range Rear 4,600 lbs
Static Error Band % F.S. ±0.60%
Non-Linearity % F.S. ±0.25%
Hysteresis % F.S. ±0.50%
Calibrated Range 50 to 260°F (10 to 125°C)
Operating Range 0 to 300°F (-20 to 150°C)
Zero Drift %R.O./°F ±0.002%
Span Shift %/°F ±0.008%
Output Range 0.1 - 4.9 V
Sensitivity Front(lb/v) 2300 typ.*
Sensitivity Rear(lb/v) 1200 typ.*
No Load Output 1.0 V typ.*
Supply Power (unregulated) 8 - 36 Vdc
Safe Overload Capacity 130%
Weight 1.8 lbs
Part Numbers
Front Spring Mount 1169-01-04-220
Rear Spring Mount 1169-01-04-230
Programmer - SG Amplifier 1169-01-50-300
Wire_Colors (12K)

* Programmed to Customer Specification or User Configurable with Optional Programmer


Dimensions: (inches)

Spring Mount Load Cell Dimensions

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