Bump-Stop Load Cell

Bump-stop Load Sensor
  • Accurately and Reliably Measure Bump-Stop Loads
  • Quantify Results of Setup Changes
  • Validate Simulation Results
  • Simple attachment to shock body
  • Wide Temperature Range, 32 to 260°F
  • 0 - 1500 lbf or 0 - 5000 lbf
  • Overload Protected
  • Internal Microprocessor controlled Amplifier
  • 0.1 to 4.9v Output
  • 8 - 36 vdc Supply
  • Optional User selectable Load Ranges
  • Manufactured, Serviced and Supported in the USA

RAETECH's Bump Stop Load Cells are designed to accurately and reliably measure Bump Stop Loads on vehicles that incorporate the bump stop on the shock absorber. Elastomer Bump Stop material properties are loading rate and temperature dependent. Bump Stop characteristics measured in the lab are likely very different than experienced on the track.

Bump Stop Load Cells allow you to:

  • Identify when the Bump Stop makes contact
  • Quantify the Wheel Load reacted at the Bump Stop
  • Measure the actual Bump Stop Rate during operating conditions

RAETECH's Bump Stop Load Cells are designed with interchangeable end caps to accommodate different loading conditions. One cap is profiled for contact with the rigid end of the shock, while another is optimized to interface with the soft elastomer element. Adapters are available to clamp the load cell on the shock housing, keeping it attached to the sprung mass. Our load cells are engineered to operate in the harsh temperature and vibration environment found in motorsports applications.

Download Bump-Stop Load Cell Data Sheet


Bump-Stop Load Cell
Rated Capacity Steel
4000 lbs
HL 5000 lbs
1500 lbs
Static Error Band % F.S. ±0.25%
Non-Linearity % F.S. ±0.15%
Hysteresis % F.S. ±0.15%
Calibrated Range 32 to 260°F (0 to 125°C)
Operating Range -40 to 300°F (-40 to 150°C)
Zero Drift %R.O./°F ±0.002%
Span Shift %/°F ±0.008%
Output Range 0.1 - 4.9 V
Sensitivity (lb/v) 1000 typ.*
HL 1250 typ.*
375 typ.*
No Load Output 0.5 V typ.*
Supply Power (unregulated) 8 - 36 Vdc
Safe Overload Capacity 5 X with overload stops
Weight (typical) 7.8 oz 3.7 oz
Part Numbers
Bump-Stop Load Cell 1169-01-21-210
HL 1169-01-21-220
Shock Clamping Retainer 1169-01-21-108
Programmer - SG Amplifier 1169-01-50-300
Connector (ASL006-05PN-HE)
Pin 1 (8 - 36 Vdc unregulated) Supply +
Pin 2 Signal +
Pin 3 N/C
Pin 4 Common - Gnd
Pin 5 Common - Gnd
Mating Connector (not supplied) ASL606-05SN-HE

* Programmed to Customer Specification or User Configurable with Optional Programmer


Installation Example:

Bumpstop Load Cell Installation

Dimensions: (inches)

Bumpstop Load Cell Dimensions

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