Coil-Over Spring Load Cell

Coilover Spring Load Cell
  • Measure Spring Force independent of Shock Load
  • Designed for 2 1/4" Spring Collar
  • Optional adapters for 36mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm,
    2", 2 1/2" Springs
  • Calibrated Range 5,000 lbf

RAETECH's 2.25" Coil-Over Spring Mount Load Cell is designed to accurately and consistently measure spring force, that is isolated from shock absorber loads. The load cell has been optimized for spring forces up to 5,000 lbs under all conditions.

RAETECH conducted extensive FEA to engineer a load cell that is compact and lightweight, yet is capable of enduring the harsh motorsport environment. High strength 7075 aluminum alloy and a hard anodized finish will provide a long service life.

All RAETECH load cells incorporate our SG Amplifier to provide a high level amplified output of 0.1 - 4.9V. This eliminates the need for external signal conditioning and greatly reduces the chances of EMI / RFI noise that can be picked up on low level strain gage signals. The SG Amplifier continuously measures the load cell temperature and compensates for temperature induced drift of the zero and gain. This feature ensures stable and accurate operation over a wide operating range. The zero offset and gain/load range may be customer configured, with an optional SG Amp Programmer and PC.

All RAETECH load cells are designed, manufactured, serviced and supported in the USA. We strive to produce the best instrumentation possible and back it with prompt support.

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Coil-Over Spring Load Cell
Rated Capacity 5,000 lbs
Typical Ranges 0 - 2500 lb
0 - 3500 lb
0 - 5000 lb
Static Error Band % F.S. ±0.60%
Non-Linearity % F.S. ±0.25%
Hysteresis % F.S. ±0.50%
Calibrated Range 50 to 260°F (10 to 125°C)
Operating Range 0 to 300°F (-20 to 150°C)
Zero Drift %R.O./°F ±0.002%
Span Shift %/°F ±0.008%
Output Range 0.1 - 4.9 V
Sensitivity (lb/v) 1250 typ.*
No Load Output 0.5 V typ.*
Supply Power (unregulated) 8 - 36 Vdc
Safe Overload Capacity 200%
Weight (typical) 6.5 oz
Part Numbers
2.25 Coil Over Spring Mount 1169-01-20-200
2.50 Spring Adapter 1169-01-20-104
70mm Spring Adapter 1169-01-20-111
60mm Spring Adapter 1169-01-20-108
50mm / 2.0 Spring Adapter 1169-01-20-109
36mm Spring Adapter 1169-01-20-110
Programmer - SG Amplifier 1169-01-50-300
Connector (ASL006-05PN-HE)
Pin 1 (8 - 36 Vdc unregulated) Supply +
Pin 2 Signal +
Pin 3 N/C
Pin 4 Common - Gnd
Pin 5 Common - Gnd
Mating Connector (not supplied) ASL606-05SN-HE

* Programmed to Customer Specification or User Configurable with Optional Programmer


Dimensions: (inches)

Coilover Load Cell Dimensions

Installation Example:

Coilover Load Cell Installation

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