RAETECH Spin Testing Services

Motoring Dyno Applications

  • i) Durability Testing
  • ii) Cold Testing
  • iii) Pump Testing
Durability Testing

Durability Testing

  • 40 and 80 Hour Durability Testing
  • Chain Drive, Guides and Tensioners
  • Hot Cavitation Limits
  • Balance Shaft Bearing
  • Valve Train Evaluation
  • Noise and Vibration Studies
Cold Testing

Cold Testing

  • Temperatures to -20F
  • Bearing Cold Scuff Testing
  • Cold Start Cavitation Limits
  • Cold Start Speed Profile
Pump Testing

Pump Testing

  • Pump Life
  • Oil Quality
  • Hot and Cold Cavitation Limits
  • Pressure Relief Validation
  • Debris Tolerance

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