Panhard Link Load Cell

Track Bar Load Cell
  • Evaluate Rear Tire Grip
  • Quantify Results of Setup Changes
  • Validate Simulation Results
  • Calibrated Range ±4,800 lbf

The Panhard Bar reacts the majority of all the rear suspension cornering force, making it an ideal place for competitors to measure load. This provides an effective and inexpensive means of measuring grip at the rear axle.

This load cell becomes part of the panhard bar, requiring a 5½ inch shorter than standard piece. This load cell is about 2½ times as sensitive as strain gauging the standard steel tube, more than justifying the light fabrication required to construct a special panhard bar.

Like all RAETECH sensors, our Panhard Bar Load Cell is carefully designed via FEA and intended to live through years of service. It has a mechanically and environmentally protected load element and strain relieved, shielded lead wire.

All RAETECH load cells incorporate our SG Amplifier to provide a high level amplified output of 0.1 - 4.9V. This eliminates the need for external signal conditioning and greatly reduces the chances of EMI / RFI noise that can be picked up on low level strain gage signals. The SG Amplifier continuously measures the load cell temperature and compensates for temperature induced drift of the zero and gain. This feature ensures stable and accurate operation over a wide operating range. The zero offset and gain/load range may be customer configured, with an optional SG Amp Programmer and a PC.

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Panhard Load Cell
Calibrated Range ±4,800 lbs
Static Error Band % F.S. ±0.25%
Non-Linearity % F.S. ±0.20%
Hysteresis % F.S. ±0.15%
Calibrated Range 50 to 260°F (10 to 125°C)
Operating Range 0 to 300°F (-18 to 150°C)
Zero Drift %R.O./°F ±0.002%
Span Shift %/°F ±0.008%
Output Range 0.1 - 4.9 V
Sensitivity (lb/v) 2000 typ.*
No Load Output 2.5 V typ.*
Supply Power (unregulated) 8 - 36 Vdc
Safe Overload Capacity 300%
Weight 6.1 oz
Part Numbers
Panhard Bar w/ Integrated Amp 1169-01-02-102
Programmer - SG Amplifier 1169-01-50-300
Wire_Colors (12K)

* Programmed to Customer Specification or User Configurable with Optional Programmer


Dimensions: (inches)

TieRod Load Cell Dimensions

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