Sway Bar Link / Universal Load Cell

Sway Bar Load Sensor
  • Quantify Results of Setup Changes
  • Validate Simulation Results
  • Available with 5/16", 3/8",
    7/16", or 1/2" Threaded Inserts
  • Only 1.60" Long
  • Rated to ±2,500 lbf
  • Ideally suited for push rod and tie rod applications
  • Internal Microprocessor controlled Amplifier
  • 0.1 to 4.9v Output
  • 8 - 36 vdc Supply
  • Wide Temperature Range, 50 to 260°F
  • Optional User selectable Load Ranges
  • Manufactured, Serviced and Supported in the USA

RAETECH's Sway Bar Droplink Load Cells provide NASCAR® competitors with accuracy and reliability while maintaining a very small package size. At only 1.60" long, Sway Bar Link Load Cells are available with 5/16"-24, 3/8"-24, 7/16"-20, or 1/2"-20 threads (left and right thread pairs). This load cell is also ideally suited for push rod and tie rod applications.

Measuring sway bar loads in stock cars is difficult because of the short center-to-center distance coupled with the large angularity changes in long travel, stiff bar, soft spring setups. Through careful engineering, we are able to offer a bolt-on part with better than 1lb/count resolution. Full calibration data is supplied with each link.

Sway Bar Drop Link Load Cells are supplied with an inline amplifier that provides a 0.1 - 4.9V output. It has a mechanically and environmentally shielded load element and strain relieved, armored lead wire. Alternate gains and offsets are user configurable with the optional SG Amp Programmer.

Detailed calibration information comes with each of our load cells and most 12-bit data acquisition systems will yield about 1 lb/count resolution. Raetech engineers are always pleased to discuss how our load sensing equipment can benefit your program.

Download Sway Bar Link Data Sheet


Swaybar Droplink Load Cell
Calibrated Range ±2,500 lbs
Static Error Band % F.S. ±0.25%
Non-Linearity % F.S. ±0.20%
Hysteresis % F.S. ±0.15%
Calibrated Range 50 to 260°F (10 to 125°C)
Operating Range -40 to 300°F (-40 to 150°C)
Zero Drift %R.O./°F ±0.002%
Span Shift %/°F ±0.008%
Output Range 0.1 - 4.9 V
Sensitivity (lb/v) 1000 typ.*
No Load Output 2.5 V typ.*
Supply Power (unregulated) 8 - 36 Vdc
Safe Overload Capacity 300%
Weight 3.2 oz
Part Numbers
Sway Bar Droplink V3 (5/16-24) 1169-01-01-207
Sway Bar Droplink V3 (3/8-24) 1169-01-01-204
Sway Bar Droplink V3 (7/16-20) 1169-01-01-208
Sway Bar Droplink V3 (1/2-20) 1169-01-01-205
Programmer - SG Amplifier 1169-01-50-300
Wire_Colors (12K)

* Programmed to Customer Specification or User Configurable with Optional Programmer


Dimensions: (inches)

Sway Bar Load Cell Dimensions

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