RAETECH in the News

3.21.14 - RAETECH is currently Developing a 3" Rear Spring Mount Load Cell

A Spring Mount Load Cell for NASCAR® 3" Rear Spring will be available soon.

10.3.13 - RAETECH's Miniature Programmable Strain Gage Amplifier is now discovering aerospace applications.

Aerospace customers are now using RAETECH's Programmable Strain Gage Amplifiers with Kulite® LQ series ultra miniature pressure transducers. Benefits include: The amplifier's small size and operating temperature range allows packaging near the sensor. High level output is suitable for long cable runs. The amplifier can be configured remotely by programming over the data line; no additional wires are required in the harness. This allows installation in inaccessible locations.

10.1.12 - RAETECH scores fourth place in the 2012 SCCA Road Racing GT2 National Championships.

After a six year absence from the SCCA's National Championships, the RAETECH/Porsche driven by David Finch, President of RAETECH and DAF Consulting finished a very respectable fourth place in the RAETECH/Porsche 944 competing against the latest Porsches, Nissans, Mazdas and Toyotas.

09.16.10 - RAETECH engines power Progressive Automotive X-Prize contest Winner.

The Progressive Automotive X-Prize is a competition to create a 100 MPGe passenger vehicle while meeting performance and emissions requirements. Edison2's Very Light Car (VLC) took the top honors in the Mainstream division claiming the 5 million dollar prize. RAETECH engineered and built the 250cc, single cylinder, fuel-injected, turbocharged, E85 powered engines.

Edison2's VLC, a 4 passenger car weighing only 830lbs, raises the bar for automotive efficiency; a very light weight high performance engine package was required. Selecting E85 as the fuel allows for high compression ratios and high EGR dilution ratios both improving thermal efficiencies.

Custom Intake, Exhaust system and camshaft designs were optimized using Optimum Power Technology's Virtual Engine software. A Motec controller was used for engine management and data acquisition. BorgWarner supplied the variable geometry turbocharger.

Fuel economy results of 129 MPGe highway and 109 MPGe combined were achieved during on-track testing at Michigan Speedway. 0-60 accelerations in 14.2 seconds were demonstrated. All this was accomplished while meeting EPA emission standards.

"The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE is a global competition that awards a $10M Grand Prize to the first team to build a car that gets at least 100 MPGe in real world driving and is safe, affordable and desirable to offer consumers more efficient vehicle choices.

Edison2 combines sound physics with innovative design to produce workable, sustainable transportation solutions. We believe the best solutions are the simplest.

RAETECH Corporation provides innovative engineering solutions for the transportation and motorsport industries. Specialized expertise, years of experience, and multiple racing championships mean the team at Raetech can add a new dimension of support to any engineering program.

07.27.10 - Ann Arbor engineering firm RAETECH Corp. developed engine powering Automotive X Prize front-runner

A small engine designed and built in Ann Arbor is powering three unusual-looking vehicles that many observers are picking to win the Automotive X Prize, a rigorous international competition to develop ultra clean-energy vehicles.

The one-cylinder, 250 cc, partly turbocharged workhorse that powers the Edison2 Very Light Car was developed by Raetech Corp., a small automotive, motorsports and aviation engineering firm. The Automotive X Prize is a $10 million competition to build a production-capable clean vehicle capable of achieving 100 miles per gallon or its energy equivalent. more...

08.17.09 - RAETECH Load Cells Featured in Racecar Engineering Magazine

Racecar Engineering Magazine's September, '09 Stockcar Engineering supplement highlights RAETECH's line of motorsports load sensors. Racecar Engineering is the premier source for motorsport technology. The article is titled "Sensor of Purpose".

06.01.09 - RAETECH GT2 Porsche 944 Featured in Excellence Magazine

Excellence Magazine, a specialty magazine about Porsche cars features the RAETECH GT2 Porsche in an article titled "Tube-frame Titan" published in the August 2009 issue.

05.25.09 - RAETECH Load Sensors Featured in RaceTech Magazine

RaceTech Magazine, a technical reference for the Motorsports industry reviews RAETECH's line of Load Sensing products in their July 2009 issue, No. 104.

03.12.09 - RAETECH Programmable Miniature Strain Gage Amplifiers

For Immediate Release: RAETECH Introduces Programmable Miniature Strain Gage Amplifiers. Strain gage users can now easily program gain, offset and temperature compensation from a personal computer.

12.01.08 - RAETECH Bump-Stop Load Cell

RAETECH is introducing a new Bump-Stop Load Cell engineered for NASCAR® competitors, at the PRI Show in Orlando, FL. This load cell will measure forces at the shock absorber allowing Bump-Stop performance to be directly evaluated. The design incorporates our Programmable Strain Gage Amplifier providing full temperature compensation and allowing custom range selection.

11.01.08 - Performance Racing Industry Show

RAETECH is exhibiting at the 21th annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show on December 11 - 13th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Visit us in booth #5760 to see our complete line of Load Cells, Programmable Strain Gage Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners. This is an opportunity to discuss your application needs with our engineers.

10.14.08 - RAETECH Coil-over Spring Load Cell

RAETECH releases a Coil-over Spring Load Cell that measures spring loads on 36mm, 50mm, 60mm, 2”, 2 1/4” and 2 1/2” diameter coilover spring applications. The design is compact, robust and provides a high level 0-5v output.

04.07.08 - RAETECH Strain Gage Amplifier USB Programmer Released

RAETECH's USB Programming Tool allows our Miniature Strain Gage Amplifiers to be configured from a Windows® computer. Users can build custom temperture dependent Gain and Offset tables to suit their applications. Amplifier Setups can be Stored, Recalled and Modified as required.

03.28.08 - Tie Rod Load Cell is now available in two Lengths

RAETECH Motorsports introduces a 7 ¾” Tie Rod Load Cell to allow fitting a wider range of applications including NASCAR's® Car of Tomorrow . RAETECH's full line of Suspension Load Cells include our Programmable Strain Gage Amplifier providing full temperature compensation and allowing custom range selection.

12.06.07 - RAETECH Strain Gage Amplifier USB Programming Tool

RAETECH Motorsports is previewing a USB Programmer that allows customers to custom configure our Miniature Strain Gage Amplifiers. This interface allows amplifier Gain, Offset and Temperature correction tables to be easily updated. Join us at the Performance Racing Industry Show for a demonstration and view our entire product line.

10.05.07 - Performance Racing Industry Show

RAETECH is exhibiting at the 20th annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show on December 6 - 8th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Visit us in booth #4606 to see our complete line of Load Cells and Signal Conditioners. This is an opportunity to discuss your application needs with our engineers.

08.27.07 - Steering Wheel Torque Load Cell

RAETECH Motorsports announces an innovative "Steering Torque Sensor". This Load Cell can be quickly and easily installed on a 3/4" dia. steering shaft with no disassembly or modification to the steering system. This tool makes difficult to obtain data readily available.

06.18.07 - Miniature Programmable Strain Gage Amplifier

RAETECH introduces a strain gage instrumentation amplifier with expanded range of operating temperature and input voltage in a miniature package. Complementary to RAETECH's introduction of suspension load cells for the NASCAR® arena was the development of small, precision strain gage amplifier that would provide temperature compensation while surviving heat, shock and vibration typical of the motorsports environment.

12.01.06 - New Center of Pressure Spring Mount Load Cell

NASCAR® competitors are using RAETECH Motorsports' Center of Pressure Load Cell to measure Front Coil Spring alignment 'On the Track'. This sensor supplies data crucial to optimizing spring bucket angles and tuning coil bind setups.

08.14.06 - SAE Motorsports Conference & Exhibition

Raetech President, David Finch is leading 'Suspension and Vehicle Dynamics' Technical Sessions at the 2006 Society of Automotive Engineers Motorsports Conference. The conference takes place December 5-7, at the Dearborn Hyatt in Dearborn, Michigan.

06.10.06 - RAETECH FEA Analysis included in Ansys Solutions Magazine:

RAETECH's analysis of the T-34 Wing Spar loading are presented in the 2006 Spring edition of 'Ansys Solutions'

04.18.06 - New GT Restrictor Series:

RAETECH Motorsports releases the GT Restrictor series providing the larger diameters required for SCCA's GT2 and GT3 classes. The GT Series modular design provides a wide selection of installation options. Insert diameters are available from 31 to 38mm.

03.25.06 - RAETECH Porsche at Ansys User Conference:

The RAETECH Motorsports GT2 Porsche 944 will be on display at the 2006 International ANSYS Conference to be held from May 2-4 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ansys is a leading computer software company providing a comprehensive selection of analysis tools.

03.12.06 - New 29mm Inlet Restrictor:

RAETECH Motorsports introduces 29mm Single Inlet Restrictors for BMW E36 in SCCA ITS racing.

02.28.06 - Instrumentation for NASCAR Racing:

RAETECH Motorsports announces Suspension Load Cells for NASCAR Cup, Busch and Truck testing applications.

09.25.05 - 2005 SCCA National Championships:

Mark Hotchkis driving the RAETECH prepared F Production Porsche 914 wins national title in honor of the late Mr. Kirby. (Photos)

09.25.05 - 2005 SCCA National Championships:

Dave Finch and the RAETECH Porsche 944 defend their title at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs. (Photos)

07.01.05 - Ansys publishes RAETECH Testimonial:

RAETECH demonstrates unique applications for Ansys analysis tools "FEA and CFD meshing for Race Car Design"

11.01.04 - Optimum Power Technology Press Release:

With RAETECH, OPTIMUM's Automated Design and Network Supercomputer software continues its success in Motorsport.

10.01.04 - Raetech Motorsports 2004 Racing Season:

David Finch, driving the Raetech Porsche 944 wins his 6th career SCCA GT2 National Championship leading the Kohler Run Offs at Mid Ohio from Flag to Flag. Raetech would like to thank Bosch, Ansys and Optimum for their support this season. (Photos)