RAETECH Motorsports Programs


Viper GTSR Picture

Dodge Viper GTS-R

In 2000 Chrysler recognized the Viper GTS-R was going to need a significant upgrade to remain competitive with the Pratt-Miller Corvettes at international endurance racing events. RAETECH was commissioned to design the chassis and suspension for the new car ...


Touring Car picture

Dodge Touring Car Program

RAETECH became involved as a consultant to the Dodge North American Touring Car program beginning in 1995. RAETECH was tasked with designing a new World Touring car based on the European Chrysler Neon ...


GT2 Porsche 944

GT2 Porsche 944

Developed under contract to Porsche for racing in the U.S. The RAETECH GT-2 Porsche 944 won six Sports Car Club of America National Championships, five second place finishes, and one third.