Bosch Engine Management Systems

Bosch Motorsport ECUs offer advanced capability new and unique in the racing industry.

Bosch's control algorithms are based on predictive torque management so the engine operates within known limits. This exclusive method means the engine's performance and response are always positively controlled by the ECU mapping.

Bosch Programing Tools

As Bosch technical partners, RAETECH engineers have a thorough understanding of the system's sophisticated engine management structure, shift cut and traction control features. We combine this expertise with up-to-date knowledge of modern racing requirements and a realistic grasp of team budget and time constraints.

RAETECH is pleased to offer tailored solutions for your Grand-Am Bosch MS 4.0 ECU engine program. Our services include professional installation, dyno mapping and track-side support and development.

RAETECH's Bosch support programs include documentation and training of your staff, helping build strength and depth in your organization.