Single Inlet Restrictors - SIR

The engineers at RAETECH have devoted their expertise and advanced analysis tools to create an inlet restrictor system that maintains rule compliance and provides maximum performance to the competitor. Utilizing state of the art computational fluid dynamics and engine simulation software, RAETECH has optimized the interior geometry of their single inlet restrictor (SIR) system to provide maximum pressure recovery and minimum flow loss.

Restrictor_Flow (31K)

Whether your sanctioning body is mandating inlet restrictors or allowing you to trade a restricted inlet for an alternative performance benefit, how you choose to incorporate a reduced diameter section in your induction arrangement is crucial to performance. Naturally, any necked-down section of the requisite diameter will satisfy the rules and provide the intended horsepower cap, but a poorly designed inlet restrictor will interfere with airflow below that cap, costing power throughout the rev range.

The RAETECH inlet restrictor provides the absolute maximum flow for its size, delivering a broad, usable torque curve.

RAETECH's inlet restrictor system is modular, allowing simple changes in restrictor diameter without changing the design of your induction system. RAETECH offers an inlet fitting for hose ducted systems as well as a bell mouth for free air induction. All of our restrictors are manufactured with electrochemically Hard Coated aluminum providing a smooth abrasion resistant surface for maximum flow and long life.