SG-Amp with 8-Pole Low Pass Filter

Raetech 8-Pole Low-Pass Filter

For critical applications RAETECH's Strain Gage Amplifier (SGA) is available with an integrated 8-pole, low-pass, anti-alias, output filter. The filter can be customized at build time for your application. Gain and Offset are user configurable using the USB Programmer. Common configurations include 10Hz, 100Hz and 1kHz. Filters are built to order. A fixed gain of 1, filter only, variant is also available on request.


Strain Gage Amplifier with Advanced Filter Option
Electrical Output
Gain Range 3 to 1150, Programable*
Offset Range 0.1 - 4.85 vdc
Low Pass Filter 8-Pole Butterworth
Filter Type Sallen-Key
Bandwidth +/-0.03dB to 0.5Fc
Fc (-3dB) Options: 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, custom
Linear Output Range 0.1v to 4.85v
Output Current Max 25ma
Output Impedance < 100 ohm
Output Offset Voltage +/-3mv Typ.
Electrical Inputs
Supply Voltage 8.5 to 36 Vdc
Supply Current 22ma w/ 350 ohm Bridge
Bridge Excitation Voltage 5.000 ±0.001 vdc
Bridge Voltage Stability 1.5 ppm/°C
Bridge Current - Max 30 ma
Calibrated Range -40 to 125°C
Functionally Tested -80 to 200°C
Internal Measurement Accuracy ±2°C
Remote Measurment Accuracy User Calibrated
External Temperature Sensor Diode or RTD
E+ short to ground Continuous ≤12 vdc supply
E+ short to ground 5 sec ≤40 vdc supply
SIG+ Output short to ground Continuous
Supply Voltage Reverse Polarity Protected
Enclosure Alumninum
    Dimensions 44 x 16 x 13mm
Weight w/ Cables ~47g
Cables, 18 inches ea. 5-Conductor, Type 55
Wire Colors
     Input   Output  
     Red E+ Red Power
     Black E- Black Ground
     Yellow Sig+ Yellow Output
     Green Sig- Green Program
     Blue Ext. Temp Blue Ground
Part Numbers
Fc = 10Hz 1169-01-50-840-N
Fc = 100Hz 1169-01-50-840-J
Fc = 1kHz 1169-01-50-840-A
Custom** 1169-01-50-840-tbd

* Programmed to Customer Specification or User Configurable with optional Programmer

** Please consult Raetech for optional filter cutoff frequencies

Preliminary Specifications, subject to change.


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