Structural Optimization

Structural optimization can be a multi-faceted exercise. Making the correct choice between sometimes competing interests is fraught with subtleties and complexities. RAETECH has the expertise and experience to optimize a carís structure with the best combination of properties for the circumstances.

As a comparison, more aerodynamic downforce is absolutely better unless the drag penalty to get that downforce is too high. Itís the same with structure: more stiffness is always beneficial unless the weight or centre of gravity costs outweigh the stiffness advantage. Our personnel are glad to involve your people in this process. We see inclusion and education as part of our deliverables.

As an example of our work, the image here shows an FEA of a race car frame. RAETECH engineers were able to improve the torsional stiffness about 150% with a less than 20% increase in weight. This excellent improvement was made within substantial constraints: no cutting existing metal out and the next race is less than 2 weeks away.

While we can and do help when thereís a clear problem and a time crunch, itís better if weíre involved before compromises are designed in. A good example would be the roll cage for a racing sedan. Itís structurally critical but a lot of it is high up so there is a substantial difference between good and bad installations. RAETECH can produce an efficient, elegant design.


RAETECH can provide Structural Testing to compliment our analysis work.