RAETECH Porsche 911 / 914 Front Suspension - (Special Order)

Porsche 911 / 914 Lower Control Arm Exploded View

Porsche 911 and 914 racers have long been converting from torsion bars to coil-over uprights to get the spring rates and ease of adjustment that were not available from the factory. The usual approach was to leave the stock lower control arms in place, albeit with the torsion bars removed. This solution left a few problems unsolved. The OEM arm was now heavier than it needed to be and offered no possibility of adjustment. Bushings that locate the standard arm can deform under load which is undesirable in a competition vehicle. These bushings also induce friction and 'stick/slip' behavior that incite irregular suspension response and makes shock and spring tuning extremely difficult. Significant for the racer is that these conditions can be exacerbated by firmer bushings.

  • Teflon-lined spherical rod ends eliminate bushings and provide positive location, progressive travel and allow consistent shock & spring tuning.
  • Adjustable links allows track and anti-dive adjustment as well as increasing camber and caster range.
  • Lightweight tubular construction reduces un-sprung weight maximizing normal force at the contact patch.
  • Proven on GKR Porsche 914, SCCA's 2005 FP National Champion.
  • Fits all 914s and most 911s from 1965 to 1989
  • For use with 'tapered pin type' coil-over struts only
  • Compatible with tapered pin #911-341-119-06-M260


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