RAETECH Load Cell Range Selector

Raetech Load Cell Range Selector Software Screens

RAETECH's Load Cell range selector option works with our USB Programmer to provide the ability to adjust the sensor active range appropriately for the current test. This can be used improve the resolution of recorded test data. Maximum load can be selected within the physical capabilities of the sensor. The direction for positive output, tension or compression and the No-Load output can be set to bias the range for the application at hand.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Spring Mount Load Cell sensitivities can be selected for Left or Right sides
  • Higher sensitivities can be used for Flat Tracks compared to High Banks
  • Panhard Load cell range can be biased for Left Turns
  • Swaybar Link load ranges can be biased for Tension or Compression
  • Load Cell Calibrations can be Displayed, Stored and Recalled

Load Cell ranges are easily selected by connecting the sensor to Raetech's USB Programmer. Opening the Load Cell Configuration screen displays the current setup.

Full Scale Load and No-Load Voltage can be selected from the pull down lists. A negative maximum load changes the sign convention for tension and compression. If the desired value is not in the list it can be typed into the box.

Tabular data is displayed indicating the loads for maximum and minimum sensor output along with the output when no-load is applied. This table is updated each time 'Calculate setup' is clicked.

'Read Setup' reads the current configuration from the sensor memory.

'Write Setup' writes the new configuration to the sensor memory.

'Display Cal' will open a window with a graph of the currently displayed load cell configuration. The sensor effectively stores its own calibration. The calibration can be saved to a text file and recalled at a later time.

Download RAETECH Motorsports' Load Cell Range Selector Data Sheet

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