RAETECH GTH Universal Recovery Cone

The RAETECH Motorsports Universal Outlet Recovery Cone extends the restrictor taper thereby enhancing performance, improving pressure recovery and maximizing flow. The Recovery Cone includes a variety of attachment features creating in a large selection of restrictor installation options.

Universal Recovery Cone

Out of the box the RAETECH Universal Recovery Cone provides for a 4 inch hose connection. Other available hose adapters can be mounted to the flange show on the right, or the Recovery Cone can be bolted directly to an airbox. With simple machining the 4 inch hose barb can be removed and another mounting flange then exposed.

Multiple Flange Locations

This flange show above on the left is now available for mounting alternate size hose adapters, bolting to an airbox or attaching support brackets. A 5 inch (and 6") hose connector is available which can be attached at either flange location as shown below. Another option is to remove the 4 inch hose barb with the inboard flange then bolt the hose barb to the outboard flange moving the joint outboard on the restrictor assembly.

Choice of Adapter Positions

With another machining operation trimming the exit taper and removing the outboard flange, show on the right above, a 3 inch hose barb is exposed as shown below.

3 inch Hose Outlet

Any unnecessary mounting features can be removed to minimize restrictor system weight. RAETECH Motorsports can custom machine the Universal Recovery Cone to your application on request.

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