Miniature Programmable Strain Gage Amplifier

Temperature Compensation Tables:

The Raetech Programmable Strain Gage amplifier includes compensation abilities to correct temperature errors in Strain Gage bridge devices. The amplifier uses a table to store Gains and Offsets based on temperature. Temperatures can either be measured internally by the amplifier or with an external sensor.

Strain Gage devices often require compensation to remove temperature induced drift. Force measurement systems may require adjustment for elastic modulus variations relative to temperature. Raetech's Strain Gage Amplifier provides a user definable temperature based Gain and Offset to satisfy these requirements.

The amplifier has a 10 point table allowing gain and offset values to be defined over the entire temperature range. The programming software includes tools to build the desired temperature table. Most applications require a constant gain or mildly decreasing gain as temperature increases. Offset adjustments can be non-linear functions of temperature. The software tools will create these tables with a minimal number of entries. For applications that do not require temperature correction a Basic Configuration screen is provided to reduce the amount of data entry.

Strain Gauge Amplifier Temperature Lookup Table

Output (v) = Input (v) * Gain + Offset
Where Gain & Offset are defined at the active Temperature.

The USB Programmer software allows the user to view or edit the amplifier setups, store or recall setups to disk files, and display live data to verify proper amplifier functionality.


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