Miniature Programmable Strain Gage Amplifier

SG Amplifier Maximum Temperature Rating based on Power Limits

The maximum recommended operating temperature for RAETECH's SG Amplifier is determined by the connected load and the ability to reject heat. When the supply voltage or strain gage bridge current is increased the power dissipated by the onboard voltage regulator is increased. Therefore the maximum operating temperature may need to be reduced as the regulator approaches it's power limit. The colored regions in the below diagram represent the recommended operating conditions for three common strain gage bridge resistances.

Raetech Programmable Strain Gauge Amplifier Temperature Limits

For example using a 12v supply with a 350 ohm bridge allows operation up to 125 degC. If the supply voltage is increased to 24v the maximum operting temperature is reduced to 95 degC. A 1k ohm bridge can operate up to 125 degC with up to a 24v supply.

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