RAETECH GT2 Porsche 944 Chassis Development

The RAETECH GT2 Porsche 944 Chassis is constructed from 4130 Chromemoly tubing. Computer FEA modeling is used to to optimize the stiffness and weight. Bolt on front and rear "crush" structures are easily replaced in case of damage.

Body panels are easily removed to provide for service or replacement. All body panels, with the exception of the roof are composite. A steel roof is retained for increased driver safety.

Porsche 944 Chassis Model - Iso View

Front suspension is McPherson Strut, the rear is independent via Semi-Trailing arms. All suspension mounting points are fully adjustable to allow tuning the suspension kinematics for the current tire design and track conditions.

The engine is rigidly attached and connected to the transmission using a torque tube. A 5 speed Porsche gearbox is mounted at the rear. Ratios for each of the gears are selected for track configuration.

Porsche 944 Chassis Model - Side View